Skumbag Jo's Beard Oil

Skumbag Jo's Beard Oil

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Skumbag Jo's is a unique barbershop located in Belgium.  We have had the pleasure of doing business with them for 2 years. In appreciation for their service to mens grooming, we created a barbershop scent after them!  This is not your average talc powdered barbershop.  Imagine walking into a vintage barbershop filled with old leather chairs, worn down wood flooring and the clean smell of aftershave and cologne.  Now, this is what we are talking about!  

1 ounce

IngredientsSqualane oil, Soursop oil, Yangu oil, Shea nut oil, Pracaxi oil, Pequi oil, Tsubaki oil, Black Seed Oil and Proprietary Fragrance blend.

Directions: Always apply to a slightly damp beard for best absorption and results. Apply desired amount based on beard length too your palms.  Rub together then apply directly to beard.  Make sure to reach deep enough to massage oil into skin. Comb or brush through.  If applying beard butter or balm, wait 10-15 minutes before applying. Style and now you’re golden!

Customer Reviews

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Kevin (Skeeter )
Amazing beard oil scent.

One of my top ten beard scent feel in beard oils. This beard oil has just the right amount of leather forward scent to create one amazing barber 💈 shop profiles on the market. Well done Gary.

Charles Lyons
Amazing scent

One of my new favorite scents. Great feel in beard

William F


Skumbag Jo's is another amazing product from Alley Cat Beard Co.!

I only found Alley Cat Beard Co. in the last few months, and I have been missing out! G Lew has created one of the most exotic and fantastic carrier blends in the industry. If you have been buying beard products for a while, you start to see some common carrier blends from company to company. Alley Cat’s carrier blend contains none of the usual suspects. Instead, it includes a list of unique oils that work amazingly for my beard. I’d categorize it as a medium viscosity oil that absorbs quickly and leaves my skin and hair feeling healthy and soft. I may be late to the Alley Cat party, but brother I am all in now.

Scents are so subjective, and I don't think beard product reviews should be based solely on scent profile. In-beard feel, and performance should be the main element reviewed IMO. One man's 5-star scent is another man's 0-star scent. I am fortunate in that I have a broad spectrum of scents that appeal to me. There are scents that I LOVE, scents that I like a lot, scents that I think are decent, and very rarely I find a scent that doesn't work for me on any level. With this is mind, I really like Skumbag Jo's. This is unlike any other barbershop scent I have tried. I find it to be very leather forward, like you just sat down in an old chair.

Alley Cat’s customer service is top notch, and I love supporting a small, veteran owned business. Amazing product from a great company make this a must-buy for any bearded brother.

Great stuff

Like this stuff a lot. My face gets dry and itchy in the winter and this stuff is a great solution. It has a fresh scent that changes when worked into the skin. Will buy more.

Jesse Becerra
Skumbag Jo oil

Love the scent and fell in beard!!! Will definitely try more scents.. Rukus and Skumbag…. 🔥🔥🔥


The best carrier blend in the game, hands down. The scent just smells clean to me. It's not overpowering but lasts into the next day, and really just a clean fresh scent.

Nathaniel T.
Not to bad

Didn't have a sent smelling up top the bottle, not unit I dropped a few drops into my hand and rubbed it through my beard did I smell anything. Would be nice if the sent was a lot stronger! Sent lasted a couple of hours. I love barbershop sents, but honestly this one wasn't that great.


This sent smells super awesome!!!
This is now my favorite scent!!!
This combined with the beard butter my beard feels better than it’s ever felt!!