Skumbag Jo's Beard Butter

Skumbag Jo's Beard Butter

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Skumbag Jo's is a unique barbershop located in Belgium.  We have had the pleasure of doing business with them for 2 years. In appreciation for their service to mens grooming, we created a barbershop scent after them!  This is not your average talc powdered barbershop. Imagine walking into a vintage barbershop filled with old leather chairs, worn down wood flooring and the clean smell of aftershave and cologne.  Now, this is what we are talking about!  

2 ounces

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter, Tucuma Butter, Black Seed oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, AMLA oil and proprietary Fragrance Blends

Directions: Apply desired amount to hand, rub together and apply into beard . Always start with a small amount to ensure no greasy feeling in beard. comb through once applied.

Customer Reviews

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Justin Andrus
Beard Butter

After doing tons of research I landed on Alley Cat Beard Co. for my first, non-bigbox, store beard products. It showed up in with no problems and on time. Shipping packaging was adequate. The butter itself has a nice consistency and has a great in-beard feel. Though this is my first, but not last, experience with Alley Cat, I would have to say that this scent is one of the best I have smelled. I can’t wait for the opportunity to purchase again, and try more scents.

Great butter, great scent. Best in the game, plain and simple.

I don't know what it is about Skumbag Jo's. I have a lot of amazing scents in my collection of oils and butters, but Skumbag is at the top of the list. It's my go to. I look forward to using it, and almost regret it when I use something else. I try to use it somewhat intermittently so that I enjoy it just as much every time I open it. Alley Cat as a whole is at the top of my list, but Skumbag is at the peak.

Jesse Becerra
Skumbag Jo

I love the scent, and feel in beard!

Eric Cherry
Best barbershop scent!

I’m an Alley Cat guy. Always will be. I have a BUNCH of different scents and have tried quite a few barber shop scents. I hesitated on this one for some reason, maybe because I haven’t been happy with any of the other “typical” barbershop fragrances. This is anything but typical! For me, a subtle leather comes through first, then a somewhat sweet follow up. Just a great manly, barbershop fragrance. Then, you get the amazing Alley Cat butter blend that’s soft and amazing in the beard. Give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed!


I have tried a lot of beer butters in the past five years. By far this is the best beard butter I have ever used. I highly recommend it, it is awesome!!!

Awesome Butter 👊🏻

Love the scent profile
However it's the feel in Beard that separates it from others

Mitch Evans
A Superb Beard Butter!

Alley Cat Beard Butter, in my opinion, is probably the best choice for myself. I feel and see the difference in my beard and my beard feels nourished and hydrated after I use it. What is so nice about it, is that in the morning I can rinse it out with luke warm water and start my day with a different scented oil. It is creamy and instantly melts in hand and absorbs quickly in beard. The Skumbag Jo scent is amazing! Not too strong, but will last for hours. In my rotation there will always be some Alley Cat Beard Butter of one scent or another. GREAT STUFF!!!

Aaron Lombard
Fantastic Beard Butter

Skumbag Jo's is one of my new favorite beard butters. Smooth consistency, melts instantly, absorbs quickly, and the feel-in-beard is second to none. Also, the scent is very pleasant and lasts all day but isn't too strong. I'd describe it as a leathery cologne. The now has a permanent place on my beard shelf.

Fantastic beard butter

Great nurishing beard butter and smells fantastic. Really really looking forward to make my next purchasec in the future which will be the beard oil.