Ruckus Beard Butter

Ruckus Beard Butter

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The signature scent of Alley Cat Beard Co!  When have we not caused a little ruckus, right?  We took a sweet yet bold strawberry jam and kicked its face with dark oud to create a devilish little gem.  Slap some on your face and you will be ready to cause a ruckus like no other!

2 ounces

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter, Tucuma Butter, Black Seed oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, AMLA oil and proprietary Fragrance Blends

Directions: Apply desired amount to hand, rub together and apply into beard . Always start with a small amount to ensure no greasy feeling in beard. comb through once applied.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Not my favorite scent but feel in beard is absolutely amazing

I don’t want to sound negative becasue everything alleycat makes is toppppp offff the line. There carrier blends are absolutely amazing. With that being said I just wasn’t a big fan of this particular scent. My favorite is MY RUKA, but I think k it’s discontinued now. But feel in beard is astronomical!!! 5 starsss just like everything else they make!! .

Peris Randolph
Beard oil

Nice smooth, smell good. Keeps my beard moisturized all day.

Zach/Bam Sipes
Beard butter

Great Great Great scent. Very nice in the beard

Alex S.

Great smell & butter!!!! Hope to try the rest

Big Stew

I picked up 3 butters fire my very first butter order from Alley Cat. I regret not trying it sooner! The butter melts FAST and the texture is perfect. The feel in beard is surprising and softens your beard almost immediately. The way it spreads is special. I can use less and it really distributes easier than a lot of other brands. Great products all the way around!

Jeff G

Love the scent and feel in beard is amazing

Jason Schule
Great Stuff

I love the feel in beard and scent. More importantly, the wife loves the scent to. It’s her favorite.

Brian R Knoblich
Ruckus is amazing.

Ruckus is amazing. My wife and co workers all like it. I'll be getting more soon. You can't go wrong. It makes your beard feel great.

Jason Dunning
Good stuff

I liked this a lot it smells amazing like strawberries and cream and the butter is so smooth and melts perfectly I will definitely be buying this and others scents soon