Moon Stompers Beard Oil

Moon Stompers Beard Oil

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Swing those arms and stomp around to your favorite Ska band.  Moon Stomp your way into a frenzy with a fresh stomped forrest apple blend with a hint of warm woods, rum and a little sweet kick for ya!

1 ounce

IngredientsSqualane oil, Soursop oil, Yangu oil, Shea nut oil, Pracaxi oil, Pequi oil, Tsubaki oil, Black Seed Oil and Proprietary Fragrance blend.

Directions: Always apply to a slightly damp beard for best absorption and results. Apply desired amount based on beard length too your palms.  Rub together then apply directly to beard.  Make sure to reach deep enough to massage oil into skin. Comb or brush through.  If applying beard butter or balm, wait 10-15 minutes before applying. Style and now you’re golden!

Customer Reviews

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Ryan The Island Beard Lemay
Hooligan - is Fire

As an avid cigar smoker the Hooligan does smell like a freshly rolled peppery sweet Cuban cigar. Great scent and makes the beard and skin feel fabulous.

Damien Mason

Very pleasant fresh green apple scent with a nice mellow background. Works great as a night scent and my beard feels awesome in the morning

Eric Cherry

Let me start by saying that I’m a Ruckus guy. Absolutely love it. But I finally ordered Moon Stompers. It’s amazing and right there with Ruckus for me. If you like apple, you’ll love Moon Stompers. Best apple scent I’ve ever used. All of Alley Cat’s scents are the most “authentic”. It smells like it’s supposed to smell, not fake. My wife walked by and said “Mmmmm…what’s that you’re wearing today? I like it!” And what it does for your beard is even more amazing. Don’t wait, get ya some today!

Craig A.
All The Moon Stompers

Let me start by saying the oil blend is great and leaves my beard feeling soft and nourished. Now on to the scent, Moon Stompers smells great and has a nice fresh green apple scent at the forefront. If you like apple scents you should definitely give this one a try!

Sergio S
Moon Stompers

Has a sweet apple smell and feels great in beard. Wife approved

Jon V
Awesome scent

Great scent. If you love sweet mixed with dark notes, this one is for you. Love the feel in beard. Awesome job with this one.

Jay F
Soo Hungry for apples!!

I truly feel like I am smeeling a fresh green apple with Moon Stompers! It seems to last a long while. This scent and quality oil is part of my rotation now. Even if Apple isn't for you, Iwould recommend trying another scent. The oil is great in beard.

Best Apple scent PERIOD

Such a Great scent --LOVE the True fresh Apple scent and then add how great it is in Beard

Justin B

I've never seen an apple scent this good and the fruit scents are always fresh smelling not artificial. Absolutely a must have for any apple fan. Feel in beard 10/10