Happy Now Beard Oil

Happy Now Beard Oil

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Inspired by the band fronted by a gal who has No Doubt about her roots!! Take your beard from Tragic in the Kingdom of punk to a beard that will make you Happy Now!!! A soft orange blossom laced with white oud, a splash of lemon and a dark black vanilla! 

1 ounce

IngredientsSqualane oil, Soursop oil, Yangu oil, Shea nut oil, Pracaxi oil, Pequi oil, Tsubaki oil, Black Seed Oil and Proprietary Fragrance blend.

Directions: Always apply to a slightly damp beard for best absorption and results. Apply desired amount based on beard length too your palms.  Rub together then apply directly to beard.  Make sure to reach deep enough to massage oil into skin. Comb or brush through.  If applying beard butter or balm, wait 10-15 minutes before applying. Style and now you’re golden!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality as always!

The scents are unique and of high quality. I’ve tried all the companies out there and Alley Cat is one of three that I continue to use.

Ryan The Island Beard Lemay
Great Scent Amazing Product

Happy Now beard oil is an amazing the scent, it is so on point with the description…. it is to me very common and relaxing with the citrus and very classy with the oud

James Cherepinsky

As with the other products I have from Alley Cat, this is outstanding. I've yet to be even a little disappointed in their products.

Good,, but...

I have come to believe that the man in charge cannot mix up a bad oil. Happy Now is good. My wife really likes it. Its like orange but not orange. Its just not particularly for me. I'll happily wear it until it's empty, then I'll try a different oil.

Mat C

Yet another great product and smell from the people at alley cat beard co

Joe Dietmeier
Very happy!

The Happy Now scent is great and my beard loves the carrier blend.

Carlos Cartagena

Happy Now Beard Oil

Bill Robinson
Happy Now Beard Oil

Happy Now is another hit this scent is refreshing and so smooth! What is there to say about the blend “best in the business “

Damien Mason

Awesome scent! I love citrus, but this one is different. Rather than tangy or tart, it's more mellow but still clean & fresh. Excellent summer vibes.