Accelerator (hair stimulation oil)

Accelerator (hair stimulation oil)

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Introducing Accelerator hair stimulation oil. No, this is not a trick or gimmick. Each and every ingredient has been scientifically proven to aid in the stimulation of hair growth through many studies and research.  

We make zero promises and Accelerator will not create growth where growth does not happen.  By design, the USDA certified organic castor oil, rice bran oil, peppermint essential oil and lavender essential oil will work together in stimulating the hair to the lowest level.  Accelerator Is designed based on scientific research to stimulate or awaken dormant hair follicles  

Accelerator was created in conjunction with Dan C Bearded after countless hours of research into hair stimulation. Through trial and error, we bring you ACCELERATOR! 

Accelerator comes in a 2 ounce bottle. 


USDA certified organic castor oil 

USDA certified organic rice bran oil

USDA certified organic peppermint essential oil

USDA certified organic lavender essential oil



For patchy areas of mustache, beard, eyebrows or other areas apply a couple drops directly to the area. Massage in with finger tips. For best use apply at night for overnight absorption. May be used during the day as well.  

For the best “Chance” at successful use, consistency is key.  Allow a minimum of 4 weeks at daily use. Results more likely appear after 2-3 months use  

For use as a beard or hair oil, apply to slightly damp hair using dropper or into hands. Rub together then apply as you normally would. 


Due to the use of peppermint essential oil you may experience a tingling sensation which is normal. However, if you experience any prolonged burning, redness or irritation please thoroughly rinse with soapy water and discontinue use


These statements are not approved or regulated by the FDA. The product is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose medical conditions. 

Customer Reviews

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Great 👍 beard oil

I watch Dan C Bearded and he told us about this oil he help to bring into existence and I took his advice and gave it a try. It's a really good oil and feels good in my beard and is long lasting. I'm definitely going to continue to use it on my areas that need to be filled in only used it for a short time so far i would definetly recommend it 👌


Amazing! After two weeks of using Accelerator on the two bald spots under my bottom lip the small amount of hair there is starting to grow and fill in! The feel of the oil is awesome & the scent is so refreshing at night! Great job Gary & DanC

Michael Martinez
Awesome product

Smells great and feels great. On my second bottle! Noticed a a thicker beard using this product

Ryan The Island Beard Lemay
Accelerator - My To Go Night Night Oil

By far this is my wife’s favorite scent because she loves lavender and peppermint and that is exactly what you get with this oil. It is so relaxing and calming to put in at night, light some candles and just chill. It is an amazing oil for your beard & skin….it is unbelievable.

Tim Carter Carter

This is my 3rd bottle and I have noticed a big difference in my beard. Plus I like the way it feels on my skin (face).

The Accelerator Works Awesome

I used it every day and my beard grew in spots I didnt knowvI had.The fullness Softness and lets not forget the remarkable scent. Great Product

Ivan Gomez

Been using for a couple weeks and it is great! have noticed some improvements

Nick C
Awesome oil

Well I just ordered my second bottle of the Accelerator beard oil so obviously I’m a fan. The scent of this oil is amazing. The peppermint is refreshing and has that great cooling affect on the skin. The lavender comes in after the mint fades so it’s perfect for nighttime use. Did I notice any “accelerated” beard growth? It’s hard to say. But I will say this: since using the Accelerator regularly I have noticed that my beard feels healthier and stronger and I’ve noticed a lot less breakage and shedding. As I get more grey in my beard, I appreciate the thicker oils more and it doesn’t get much thicker than this one. Using the Accelerator at night has my beard feeling nice and soft in the morning, with or without adding beard butter. I highly recommend this oil and at $25 for a 2oz bottle, it’s a tremendous value

Joseph Perry
Accelerator is AMAZING!

It’s real simple…THIS STUFF WORKS!! And smells awesome at the same time!