1981 Beard Oil

1981 Beard Oil

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1981, the year our favorite punk/rockabilly band started is embodied in this signature scent.  A warm cologne essence of sage, saffron, lemon and cranberry blended with earthy oud and a touch of creamed sugar.   A scent to blend classiness with a little edginess! 

1 ounce

IngredientsSqualane oil, Soursop oil, Yangu oil, Shea nut oil, Pracaxi oil, Pequi oil, Tsubaki oil, Black Seed Oil and Proprietary Fragrance blend.

Directions: Always apply to a slightly damp beard for best absorption and results. Apply desired amount based on beard length to your palms.  Rub together then apply directly to beard.  Make sure to reach deep enough to massage oil into skin. Comb or brush through.  If applying beard butter or balm, wait 10-15 minutes before applying. Style and now you’re golden!


Customer Reviews

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Mehdi Aghabeh
Awesome scent

Awesome long lasting scent. Smoother than others I've tried.

Mark Cleary

Will definitely keep coming back🤟🦌🤟

William B
Sweet Cologne

The 1981 is a sweet cologne. That isn’t over powering like some colognes I’ve tried. Love this scent.

All of the alley cat oils are amazing feel in beard, super absorbing and the scents are killer…all of them..

Damien Mason
Another Winner

1981 has become one of my favorite cologne type scents, and I'm very picky when it comes to cologne. Great feel in beard and when coupled with the butter after my shower, the scent lasts well into the next day!

Bernie O'Brien
A legend was Born in 81

Well this bad boy right here is a smooth cologne scent with a tad of sweetness. Polo Red I get out of it which I dig. The scents are a huge part for me but the most important thing is feel in beard. I’ve used this for over a month now rotating other scents from alley cat and the feel in beard is amazing . I recommend trying any of these oils.

Chad S

Polo Red, With the cream and sugar. Adds a twist to make a unique scent that I love to smell in my beard.

Phil L

Such a nice smooth subtle cologne scent. Fist you get that funky man musk in the best way possible, then it mellows into a nice sweet not overpowering satisfying masculine cologne. Yes the feel in beard is one of the best I have ever tried! I'm very satisfied

Mark S.

This scent is absolutely fantastic, and the feel in beard is incredible. I love the blend of sage, saffron, lemon, cranberry, oud, and sugar.

Mark Brown

Well blended cologne scent that is my favorite scent. If you enjoy a nice cologne that will soften your beard and keep your skin soft and flake free this is for youI'm very satisfied