Shipping 411

So, you made the best decision ever and ordered yourself product from Alley Cat Beard Co and now you're waiting ever so patiently for it to arrive.  When will your package arrive you say?  Well lets break it down for you here!

First, our standard processing time is 2-5 business days.  However, we usually process much quicker.  There are times, due to an influx of orders that our times may be extended.  Moral of the story here is, rest assured we will process within a few days at most. (unless otherwise noted or closed for various reasons)

Shipping is determined by weight and package size.  Any order a pound or more will automatically be USPS priority shipping due to the USPS policies. For packages under a pound, you have the option for US First Class or Priority shipping.

We must stress this very important distinction.  US Priority shipping DOES NOT mean you will have your order within 2 days of ordering.  All times frames are what USPS provides as their estimate of how long it will take THEM to get your order to you once THEY have possession of it.  Now, being what it is, USPS is notorious for delays due to staffing shortages in this trying time we all live in.  So please understand this and patience is kindly requested of you. 

If you need your order faster than our standard times, you may contact us directly at  We will try and do our best for you as always. 

If your order is delayed due to USPS, we have little to no control over the situation.  It sucks just as much for us as it does you.  We would love nothing more to make sure you get what you ordered in the time you expect it.

Our policy is to NOT refund orders due to USPS or UPS shipping delays.  However, if you contact us we will do whatever we can to help you out.