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Great 👍 beard oil

I watch Dan C Bearded and he told us about this oil he help to bring into existence and I took his advice and gave it a try. It's a really good oil and feels good in my beard and is long lasting. I'm definitely going to continue to use it on my areas that need to be filled in only used it for a short time so far i would definetly recommend it 👌


Amazing! After two weeks of using Accelerator on the two bald spots under my bottom lip the small amount of hair there is starting to grow and fill in! The feel of the oil is awesome & the scent is so refreshing at night! Great job Gary & DanC

Fizz-182 Beard Oil
Jesse Ramirez
Amazing product

I really enjoy the smell and feel on beard. I highly recommend this product and company. Owner of company really nice and very cooperative

Beard Oil Sample Kit
David Homchuck
Superb Sample Kit!

I have tried a number of sample kits, some were a waste of money others of which I was pleasantly surprised. This kit is outstanding and well worth every penny. Some fantastic and uniques scents.The beard oil and Beard butter are among the best I have every used. I am exceedingly thankful I ordered this kit, and you will be as well.

Best barbershop/leather hands down

The oil feels extremely good on the beard and the combination of old school barbershop and leather is truly on point. I use it mostly at night for a fresh smell after the shower!

DRIFT Beard Wash
Steven C.
Amazing daily wash!

Smells naturally fresh and feels clean. Can be used daily and leaves beard feeling really soft. Great product from AlleyCat!

Happy Now Beard Oil
Ryan The Island Beard Lemay
Great Scent Amazing Product

Happy Now beard oil is an amazing the scent, it is so on point with the description…. it is to me very common and relaxing with the citrus and very classy with the oud

Fizz-182 Beard Oil
Aleksandar Radenkovic

I think Ruca Tropical is much much better, i dont like fizz. Rucca is the best smell i have ever put on me

This is my GO-TO! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I literally wear this everyday NOW. I have dropped all my other favorite beard companies just to solely use Alley Cats products. I can’t believe how much money I’ve wasted on other companies. I stumbled on ACB CO and I loved the vibe and I was like mmmmmm, let’s try it!
I won’t be buying from anywhere else. This butter melts phenomenally! With a gentle hold. The combo of oil and butter, I bout lost my mind when I actually put this in for the first time. I FELT AN IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE. This product is superior! My beard and skin, really loves Alley Cat Beard Co.

I tried the sample pack but ordered the Van Winkle and interrupted. I had to narrow it down. But I’m about to rebuy my staples (Interrupted and Van Winkle) and Happy Now and Moon Stompers as the fun wears. But EVERY SCENT IS AWESOME! You won’t go wrong. I’m sold and a die hard Alley Cat! 🤙

Anti Social Oil

Very unique carrier blend that works great, has a slight scent at first but gone in minutes, great quality

Awesome product

Smells great and feels great. On my second bottle! Noticed a a thicker beard using this product

Amazing butter!!

Just as good as the oils. Love the ingredients in Alley Cat and the scents are awesome! I got the Fragance Free so I can use it with any oil without getting the mix. Works perfectly and has absolutely no smell at all!! Btw, get some Interrupted beard oil, you'll thank me later ;)

Accelerator (hair stimulation oil)
Ryan The Island Beard Lemay
Accelerator - My To Go Night Night Oil

By far this is my wife’s favorite scent because she loves lavender and peppermint and that is exactly what you get with this oil. It is so relaxing and calming to put in at night, light some candles and just chill. It is an amazing oil for your beard & skin….it is unbelievable.

Moon Stompers Beard Oil
Ryan The Island Beard Lemay
Hooligan - is Fire

As an avid cigar smoker the Hooligan does smell like a freshly rolled peppery sweet Cuban cigar. Great scent and makes the beard and skin feel fabulous.

Awesome, bigger than I expected!

Ruckus looks wicked on the flag, a bit bigger than I expected, but it looks awesome on my wall!

Awesome Swag

Fits great and looks great too! Really stand out in the crowd with this one.

Best Beard Oil

The BEST Oil
My Grey Beard loves it and get great style and feel from it
Top notch ingredients too

Sweet sample bag

I like this sample bag from the sticker’s that were in it to the bag itself and of course the 5 ml bottles make for a long testing time instead of most dram size samples from other companies. The price is amazing too for what you get you can’t beat it and believe me I have looked around for awhile now. I recommend this for anyone interested in trying this company scents, get the sample bag you won’t be disappointed.


Love the scent and feel in beard is amazing

Alley Cat Logo Shirt
Leonardo Coronado
It's a shirt!

Ordered one red and one black shirt and they are badass. High quality material and fits perfect. The logo is awesome. They pair well with any beard oil.


This is my 3rd bottle and I have noticed a big difference in my beard. Plus I like the way it feels on my skin (face).

Awesome sample kit!

Everything about the sample pack is awesome from value, packaging, and the oils themself. The package the oils come is unique and the artwork is really cool. On top of that, you can tell how much time went into preparing this to make sure the oils weren't damaged during shipping and that's much appreciated! I've tried almost all of scents and haven't found one that's bad yet; there's a really good variety. Anyone who is new to Alley Cat should start with this!

The Accelerator Works Awesome

I used it every day and my beard grew in spots I didnt knowvI had.The fullness Softness and lets not forget the remarkable scent. Great Product

Alley Cat Logo Shirt
Rockin Shirt!

Wanted to show my support for Alley Cat with this dope Tee. Awesome quality and Detail from an Awesome company!

Happy Now Beard Oil
James Cherepinsky

As with the other products I have from Alley Cat, this is outstanding. I've yet to be even a little disappointed in their products.