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Great beard oil

Love the smell and works great at softening. Not an overpowering cherry scent that pairs well with tobacco.

Not my favorite scent but feel in beard is absolutely amazing

I don’t want to sound negative becasue everything alleycat makes is toppppp offff the line. There carrier blends are absolutely amazing. With that being said I just wasn’t a big fan of this particular scent. My favorite is MY RUKA, but I think k it’s discontinued now. But feel in beard is astronomical!!! 5 starsss just like everything else they make!! .

Two weeks In

So I am two weeks into my accelerator journey. I have to say I was shocked at this product. I did not expect it to work. I will say my beard feels amazing. Hardley any snags. And I have to say overall it feels fuller.

This after just two weeks? Can’t wait to see what comes next on this journey

Ruckus Beard Butter
Peris Randolph
Beard oil

Nice smooth, smell good. Keeps my beard moisturized all day.


Amazing butter... super smooth... melts down instantly... beard is so soft in the morning... highly recommend!!

Top Shelf Butter Baby

I enjoy alley cat products and the butter is super light melts to the touch and smells great. This stuff is always in beard at night to end my day.

Beard Butter

After doing tons of research I landed on Alley Cat Beard Co. for my first, non-bigbox, store beard products. It showed up in with no problems and on time. Shipping packaging was adequate. The butter itself has a nice consistency and has a great in-beard feel. Though this is my first, but not last, experience with Alley Cat, I would have to say that this scent is one of the best I have smelled. I can’t wait for the opportunity to purchase again, and try more scents.

Great stuff

Like this stuff a lot. My face gets dry and itchy in the winter and this stuff is a great solution. It has a fresh scent that changes when worked into the skin. Will buy more.

Juke Box Beard Oil
Brian S
Juke box

Feels great in beard, smells like root beer to me. Love alley cat products

Sick sleep aid as well as growth :)

I wanted to wait a while and see how it helped with growth and above all weaker spot of the beard and as with all products from Alley C ..BOOM!!!!! From regular line and the new cbd line just a wonder blend of carrier's and quality products to say the least definitely worth a try and just like great tunes I'm enjoying the vibration ];)>

Great product

Smell is amazing. Love the way it makes my beard feel

Accelerator is the best!

I love this stuff. It has a great scent and feels great in beard. Please keep this in your line up.

Great butter, great scent. Best in the game, plain and simple.

I don't know what it is about Skumbag Jo's. I have a lot of amazing scents in my collection of oils and butters, but Skumbag is at the top of the list. It's my go to. I look forward to using it, and almost regret it when I use something else. I try to use it somewhat intermittently so that I enjoy it just as much every time I open it. Alley Cat as a whole is at the top of my list, but Skumbag is at the peak.

DRIFT Beard Wash
Ahsan Khokhar
So refreshing..

Beard feel so fresh and it smells good


Great scent awesome feel in beard and styling I’m hooked keep knocking out bangers 🔥👍🤘

Worth the purchase

Getting the beard oil sample kit allows you to find your scent. I was pleasantly surprised with the way the oils smelled. Ones that I would have never thought I would liked were really good. I strongly recommend this!

Drift beard wash

I have used alot of different beard washes and this is by far the best I have ever used ! No need for me to look any further because this stuff is amazing,and it only takes a dime size amount to explode into suds on my long beard

Ruckus long sleeve

Fits great!

"Tricky" Beard Butter
Avigdor Gonzalez
Good product

The scent is excellent I like cologne scent and this is very good


The smell is good, not my favorite but lingers a little too long for me.

The Best

I got this to pair with the Drift beard wash. Th conditioner is FAR superior to what I was previously using. I’ve noticed that I have to use less conditioner, less often to get superior results compared to what I was using previously. As always, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase from Alley Cat Beard Co.

Love it

I haven't had the pleasure of using it yet, the weather hasn't been hoodie weather yet however, it looks great!


Alley cat beard butter is the best around, and moonstompers smells awesome

Skumbag Jo's Beard Oil
Jesse Becerra
Skumbag Jo oil

Love the scent and fell in beard!!! Will definitely try more scents.. Rukus and Skumbag…. 🔥🔥🔥

Skumbag Jo

I love the scent, and feel in beard!