How does priority shipping work?

We offer shipping through USPS, which offers standard first class and 2 day Priority. When you chose Priority shipping, it does not mean it will arrive to you within 2 days of ordering.  Priority shipping is USPS promise to have the order to you within 2 days from the time it is in their hands.  If an order arrives longer then the promise made by USPS, this is out of our control.  Our promise to you is to have your order in the hands of USPS as quickly as possible. 

Why is my order in “pre-shipment”?

We print all shipping labels prior to packing order. Your order will remain in a pre-shipment status until received and scanned by USPS. There are incidents of the USPS not scanning packages immediately. Patience is appreciated. 

 How fast will I receive my order?

Due to influx of volume, our shipping time frame can reach 7-10 business days. We strive to ship all orders as quickly as possible. However, there are times when shipping may be longer than expected.  As a one man operation, we do experience delays for various reasons.  For this reason, we try to keep customers informed of any delays. 

Why did I not receive a confirmation or shipping email?

Please check you Junk or Spam folders for emails before you message us.  There is a great chance you will find them in there. 

Do you have sales or offer discounts?

YES!! We run flash sales and random discounts periodically We have found that being spontaneous is more fun for the customers.


Can I get a refund or exchange products?

We offer refunds on products other than apparel on a case by case scenario. The only exception to the rule is Limited Edition items  we do not exchange or refund those items.

Do you use fragrance oils?

Yes, we use fragrance and essential oils. We do blend oils together to create scents and we use fragrance or essential oils in their singular state as they are great on their own. At no time do we advertise as making our own fragrance oils. Making fragrance oils requires a lab, scientist and a lot of government regulations. All fragrance and essential oils used are of the highest quality and purchased from reputable sources.

Are your oils "Premium"?

We find that the word premium is used as a marketing tool when a vast majority of products are not premium at all.  What we did was make the decision to not claim "premium" and instead kicked premium in its teeth.  Our products stretch beyond the imagination. 

Does your barbershop scent have talc?

 This is something we are asked a lot, since most do contain talc. As described there is ZERO talc fragrance or any usual scents associated with a barbershop scent profile.  We created a unique barbershop scent in honor of a shop in Belgium we respect and have a relationship with.